iPhone Xs, Xr... And, TWO more things... (updated 09/20)

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iPhone Xs, Xr... And, TWO more things... (updated 09/20)

Postby morpheus » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:07 pm

.. which Apple didn't tell you about the A12 Bionic, but is important:

It supports ARMv8.3

Why should you care? If you're a developer, that gives you Javascript floats in an ARM assembly instruction. Something you could likely have lived without. But exploiters/jailbreakers are going to find this a problem, because of ARM's Pointer Authentication Codes (PAC).

As explained in this https://www.qualcomm.com/documents/whitepaper-pointer-authentication-armv83 great white paper by QCom, this involves new instructions - AUTIA/PACIA - and their variants. PACIA generate an auth code in the pointer high bits, and AUTIA authenticates it before use. Since it's cumbersome to add these instructions, they have been built-in to new patterns, notably RET (now RETAA or RETAB) and LDR (now LDRAA/LDRAB). These enable the use of two keys (accessible in EL1, kernel, but not in EL0, user) of which Apple seems to be using one (A) to authenticate the pointers and put the PAC in the high bits. The PAC can then be verified, and if the validation fails, the RETA* will fail as well - meaning an end to ROP/JOP. The instructions are a drop in replacement to the original. Compare from iPhone10:

Code: Select all
fffffff0070e97f0        STP     X29, X30, [SP, #-16]!           ; *(SP + 0xfffffffffffffff0) = 0x0
fffffff0070e97f4        ADD     X29, SP, #0     ; R29 = SP+0x0
fffffff0070e97f8        ADR     X0, #-770388    ""Kernel stack memory corruption detected""     ; ->R0 = 0xfffffff00702d6a4
fffffff0070e97fc        NOP                     ;
fffffff0070e9800        BL      _panic  ; 0xfffffff007112224
_panic("Kernel stack memory corruption detected");
fffffff0070e9804        LDP     X29, X30, [SP],#16      ;
fffffff0070e9808        RET                     ;

to iPhone 11

Code: Select all
fffffff007a09870        0xd503237f      NOP             ;
fffffff007a09874        0xa9bf7bfd      STP     X29, X30, [SP, #-16]!   ;
fffffff007a09878        0x910003fd      ADD     X29, SP, #0     ; R29 = R31 + 0x0
fffffff007a0987c        0xb0ffd3e0      ADRP    X0, 2095741     ; R0 = 0xfffffff007486000
fffffff007a09880        0x912e7000      ADD     X0, X0, #2972   ; R0 = R0 + 0xb9c = 0xfffffff007486b9c
fffffff007a09884        0x9400e956      BL      0xfffffff007a43ddc      ;
        _func_fffffff007a43ddc(""Kernel stack memory corruption detected"",?,?,?,?,?,?,?);
fffffff007a09888        0xa8c17bfd      LDP     X29, X30, [SP],#16      ;
fffffff007a0988c        0xd65f0fff      RETAA           ;


Code: Select all
fffffff007136080        ADD     X1, X1, #1308   "com.apple.private.personas.propagate"; X1 = 0xfffffff00703151c -|
fffffff007136084        MOV     X0, X19         ; --X0 = X19 = 0x0
fffffff007136088        BL      __ZN12IOUserClient21copyClientEntitlementEP4taskPKc     ; 0xfffffff0075efd8c
fffffff00713608c        MOV     X21, X0         ; --X21 = X0 = 0x0
if (R21  == 0) then goto 0xfffffff0071360c0
fffffff007136090        CBZ     X21, 0xfffffff0071360c0 ;
fffffff007136094        LDR     X8, [X21, #0]   ; -R8 = *(R21 + 0) = .. *(0x0, no sym) = 0x100000cfeedfacf ... (null)?..
fffffff007136098        LDR     X8, [X8, #40]   ; -R8 = *(R8 + 40) = .. *(0x100000cfeedfaf7, no sym) = 0x100000cfeedfacf ... (null)?..
fffffff00713609c        MOV     X0, X21         ; --X0 = X21 = 0x0
fffffff0071360a0        BLR     X8                              ;  0x100000cfeedfacf

Code: Select all
fffffff007ad3a7c        0x941804f9      BL      0xfffffff0080d4e60      ;
fffffff007ad3a80        0xaa0003f5      MOV     X21, X0 ;
fffffff007ad3a84        0xb40001b5      CBZ     X21, 0xfffffff007ad3ab8 ;
fffffff007ad3a88        0xf94002a8      LDR     X8, [X21, #0]   ; _R8 = *(R21 + 0) = *0x0
fffffff007ad3a8c        0xf8205d09      LDRAA    X9, [X8, #8]!   ;
fffffff007ad3a90        0xf2e750e8      MOVK    X8, 0x3a87, LSL 48      ; R8 += 0x3a87000000000000
fffffff007ad3a94        0xaa1503e0      MOV     X0, X21 ;
fffffff007ad3a98        0xd73f0928      BLRAA   X8      ;

Does that mean the end of exploitation? No. There's still UAFs and type confusions. But couple that with CoreTrust, which now accepts only code signatures with a CMS (certificate blob) and chain leading to Apple, and that spells the end of jtool --sign (or ldid -S, to some). Meaning you'd have to sign the entire bin pack with your dev cert - a real pain.

The other annoyance is that now iPhoneXs is 11,#... Why they fall out of model->marketing name sync after managing to catch up, eludes me

Oh, and - Another oddity is that now the iphone11 uses a 1469 kernel cache. What's that? the term refers to the AAPL engineer building the kernel caches (yes, YOU, reader from 17.x.x.x!) forgetting to set RC_ProjectSourceVersion to the right version of XNU (4900.200+something) and thus leaving XNU's LC_SOURCE_VERSION as 1469.something. This also means ZERO symbols . jtool -S, or nm -m or whatever - there are no symbols. But it's a minor annoyance - because joker2 is going to get all those symbols (and more!) back.

There's some good news - I've updated joker2 (coming soon), jtool2 (now in beta) and disarm to support all these instructions (beating IDA to ARM64 enhancements, again ;-) . But otherwise this is serious news that I think people should know about. So now you do.

EDIT (09/17) I forgot APRR as well. That's a counterpart to KTRR which only exists in the A12, so must be implemented in hardware. I believe (but not certain) it's behind vm_map_exec_lockdown() - I'll verify the flow when I have the chance and joker2 is updated for MIG calls (because otherwise you can't find the vm_map symbols anymore...). It's certainly connected to PINST (protected instructions) and is invoked on CPU start (past hibernation, to thwart people like Luca), but I need to dig deeper.
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Re: iPhone Xs, Xr... And, one more thing...

Postby darkknight » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:45 pm

In light of the above, what direction -- if any -- do you see exploit-dev on iOS 12/A12 taking?

Is it that the focus for the foreseeable future will be on pre A12 devices(running iOS 12)?
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Re: iPhone Xs, Xr... And, one more thing...

Postby GeoSn0w » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:46 pm

So in other words, no more ROP chains on iOS 12 A12?
This is a bit concerning.
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Re: iPhone Xs, Xr... And, one more thing...

Postby morpheus » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:50 pm

yes, but just ups the ante. Only applicable from the iPhone Xs and later. All eyes to cool star for an Electra update (and PayPal donations for a new Xs... :-)
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Re: iPhone Xs, Xr... And, one more thing...

Postby GeoSn0w » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:53 pm

No thanks, I am keeping my money for that sweet hardcover *OS Internals.
By the way, is fake-signing gone iOS 12-wide or just on A12?
Also, joker segfaults while decompressing the iPhone 11,6 kernelcache, I assume that's supported with joker2?
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Re: iPhone Xs, Xr... And, one more thing...

Postby jni » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:55 am

morpheus wrote:There's still UAFs and type confusions.

Not really, check the kernel vtable virtual calls, they are authenticated.
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Re: iPhone Xs, Xr... And, TWO more things...

Postby morpheus » Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:49 pm

Here is the two pages of the update in Chapter 7 to Volume I (coming soon as v1.1) pertaining to ARM64e PAC . Also another page from Chapter 6 about architectures (which I didn't bother discussing earlier because I thought everyone knows this stuff - but that was before AAPL added arm64e and arm64_32..

archs.png (366.97 KiB) Viewed 70560 times

ARM64e-Listing.png (328.59 KiB) Viewed 70560 times

ARM64e-addendum.png (389.4 KiB) Viewed 70560 times
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