jtool2 HELP menu cosmetic bug

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jtool2 HELP menu cosmetic bug

Postby fitzlcsaba » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:14 am


There is a cosmetic bug in jtool2's HELP menu.

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dyldinfo Compatible Options:
   --bind           print addresses dyld will set based on symbolic lookups
   --lazy_bind      print addresses dyld will lazily set on first use
   --opcodes        print opcodes used to generate the rebase and binding information
   --function_starts   print table of function start addresses

These options are there however instead of double dashes, they work with a single dash.

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jtool2 --bind /bin/ls     
--bind - Unknown option

jtool2 -bind /bin/ls
bind information:
segment section          address        type    addend dylib            symbol
__DATA_CONST  __got            0x100005000    pointer      0 libSystem    __DefaultRuneLocale
__DATA_CONST  __got            0x100005008    pointer      0 libSystem    ___stack_chk_guard
__DATA_CONST  __got            0x100005010    pointer      0 libSystem    ___stderrp
__DATA_CONST  __got            0x100005018    pointer      0 libSystem    ___stdoutp
__DATA_CONST  __got            0x100005020    pointer      0 libSystem    _optind
__DATA_CONST  __got            0x100005028    pointer      0 libSystem    dyld_stub_binder

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Re: jtool2 HELP menu cosmetic bug

Postby morpheus » Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:09 am

Yeah. Legacy message from jtool1. Sorry about that.
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