[ANN]: jtool, procexp (and etc) zsh completion script

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[ANN]: jtool, procexp (and etc) zsh completion script

Postby zchee » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:12 pm


I mentored to Jonathan with twitter, I wrote a zsh script for some "j" tools. (Sorry for late : P)
I saw http://newosxbook.com/tools/iOSBinaries.html page and found that Jonathan is using zsh(right?), and I think that it is useful for users using zsh, So I attach it.

Now available:
    - jtool
    - procexp
    - joker
    - kdv
    - filemon

This is not perfect, but almost will work such as '-arch' flags argument on jtool, pid completion with job name on procexp, or etc.
Adding support more completion for some flag arguments, requests support another jtools is welcome.

Note that I'm not yet familiar with jtools(also zsh), it may be wrong. If found, please pointed out. I'll fix it.
If Jonathan accepts, I will publish this scripts to GitHub (for easy to get the latest version).

Just in case, how to install are:
Code: Select all
- tar xf jtool-zsh-completion.tar.gz
- mv '_*' /path/to/your/fpath # basically, /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions
- exec zsh

Have fun.

for Jonathan:
    * Can I publish this script on GitHub?
    * I do not want copyright for these. actually, CC is ok. But you have the copyright of jtools. So I wrote "Copyright (c) 2017 Jonathan Levin" in the code. Is there a problem?
    * Sorry, although not related topic. I can not purchase new book from Amazon because I live in Japan. So I send $100 using paypal, but I have not emailed my shipping address. Should I sent mail? Or can you get them from paypal?

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- zchee
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Re: [ANN]: jtool, procexp (and etc) zsh completion script

Postby backendbilly » Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:24 am

That's cool. I'll definitely give it a try and keep you posted.
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