WishList: Jtool - *Multithreaded* + Block notation

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WishList: Jtool - *Multithreaded* + Block notation

Postby Chili » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:26 am

Hey Jonny !
Thanks for the great releases and tools! the hard work of maintaining tools is not easy and it is highly appreciated.
I have two request that you can consider, when looking at the next versions of jtool: Multi threading it. Currently i'm using jtool together with GNU parallel to process disassembly quicker, but internal support would be even greater!!

The other request is to get some kind of documentation on the functions, Blocks, and method notations that are used in the Companion File (eg. _ denotes function starts, etc.) im missing the Block notations and some examples would be great !!

Thanks a Gazillion
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