CoreADI and adid

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CoreADI and adid

Postby scknight » Thu May 16, 2019 11:01 pm

I'm wondering if anyone has done any reversing into the CoreADI.framework and/or adid? It's a private framework used by another private framework AuthKit which is responsible for logging into Apple sites. It seems like it's responsible for providing unique machine ids of some sort that get passed along in headers to Apple's servers. It seems like the AKADIProxy class in the AuthKit.framework as well as CoreADI.framework itself is all obfuscated. Looks like AuthKit, through obfuscation, uses the CoreADI.framework which then sends MIG messages over adid? I'm not sure, but I was specifically wondering if anyone who has tried reversing either the CoreADI.framework or adid could shed some light on the obfuscation techniques.

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