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ATV 4 Lockdownd not running properly no USB.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:44 pm
by paulzaky
I am currently a happy owner of my jailbroken ATV4 with 9.0 and Pangu jailbreak.
I did install the following packages with NitoTV app:


The AppleTV is running 1 sideloaded app Kodi the main reason that i need USB support is that i need to solve some CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED errors in some of my Kodi addons.
For this i need to have access to my sideloaded apps within Xcode.

I tweeted @NitoTV he could not support me with troubleshooting this is why i landed here to ask for some help so i can dig this out a bit.
Curious how to digg this because i am guessing that there are more out there without USB from reading some tweets.
I got ssh root access with putty.