Website & jtool

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Website & jtool

Postby Siguza » Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:21 pm

Not sure whether this forum is for mistakes in the book only, but it says "mistakes", so I'm just gonna drop my findings here:

  • About the Book:
    • The "buy this book on Amazon" link is dead
    • The yellow box is neither closable nor movable (and it's rather obstructive on smaller screens).
  • HIDden Treasures: There's a white "0x1000e688" on white background.
  • Stated release dates of MOXiI 2 are a little inconsistent:
    • TOC 2 says end 2016 for Vol. 1.
    • TOC 2-2 says end 2015 for Vol. 1 and March 2016 for Vol. 2.
    • 2ndKickoff says Oct/Nov 2015 for Vol. 1 and Feb 2016 for Vol.2
  • jtool (v0.988): When disassembling, "\n" in strings are shown as "\r" at the end of the line (though not in the recreated function call):
    Code: Select all
    Disassembling from file offset 0x7f4c, Address 0x100007f4c
       100007f4c   STP    X29, X30, [SP,#-16]!   
       100007f50   ADD    X29, SP, #0          ; R29 = SP + 0 0x100007f54 --
       100007f54   SUB    SP, SP, 16           ; R31 = SP - 10 0x100007f48 --
       100007f58   STUR   X31, X29, #-4        ; *0x100007f50 = X31  0x100007f5c
       100007f5c   ADRP   x0, 0                ; ->R0 = 0x100007000
       100007f60   ADD    X0, X0, #4016        ; __R0 = R0 (0x100007000) + 0xfb0 =  0x100007fb0 --"test\r"
       100007f64   BL     libSystem.B.dylib::_printf   ; 100007f80
    ; libSystem.B.dylib::_printf("test\n");
       100007f68   MOVZ   W8, #0               ; ->R8 = 0x0
       100007f6c   STR    W0, [SP, #8]         ; *(SP + 0x8) =  0x0
       100007f70   *MOV   X0, X8            ; X0 = X8 = 0x0
       100007f74   ADD    X31, X29, #0         ; __R31 = R29 (0x100007f54) + 0x0 =  0x100007f54 --
       100007f78   LDP    X29, X30, [SP],#16   
       100007f7c   RET                      
    Done 13

That said, thanks a lot for all the awesome write-ups and tools. Really looking forward to MOXiI 2, regardless of how long it takes.
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Re: Website & jtool

Postby morpheus » Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:57 am

First, thanks for the feedback! And for the kind words, of course.

Second, glad to see link is dead - This was for the purported Wiley edition of MOXiI, which will never be published. I bought back my own rights (crazy, I know) so now the only MOXiI 2 you'll see is mine :)

Third, Jtool fixed. Sorry . didn't know how I missed that one.

Fourth, Box closable now :)

Reason for inconsistencies is because, well, I ran into delays.. Working on it. For those reading deep into the forum I'll put the release of the book in March-April 2016 :) Content was easy.. Formatting is a $#%#$%#$&%..
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Re: Website & jtool

Postby npupyshev » Sat May 27, 2017 10:47 pm

So, here it goes. Jtool loops with 'jtool -dA test1'

J says: FIXED. It was a simple +=4 I forgot.

I uploaded revised jtool to usual location (

NOTE ARM32 isn't officially supported. What works is code from before I abandoned ARM32 altogether in favor of ARM64.
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