MOXiI - Vol. 1 Typos

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MOXiI - Vol. 1 Typos

Postby darkknight » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:20 am

Page 352 - paragraph 2
"shown in Table 11-4" should be Table 11-5(on page 324)

Page 345
Box to upper right has truncated description

Page 353
paragraph 1
[lRead/Write]ProcessMemory - should be just ReadProcessMemory like ( ... 53(v=vs.85).aspx) ?

paragraph 2
"setting thread's state requires naturally requires a machine.."

paragraph 3
"aside from obvious requirement" ----> "aside from the obvious requirement"

last paragraph
"Here too," --- should here

Page 355 paragraph 1
"privileges escalation" - privilege(?)

J says: All fixed, thank you! Btw, should be [Read/Write]ProcessMemory (-l, right) since paragraph talks about both mach_vm_read and mach_vm_write capabilities
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Re: MOXiI - Vol. 1 Typos

Postby darkknight » Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:50 am

See also:
Page 366 - First bullet under What's new
"Whereas traditionally multiple instanced" ---- instances

Page 371
"launchd is discussed in more detail in Chapter 13" ---- ok, but we already IN chapter 13: The Alpha & Omega - Launchd

Page 371 - paragraph 2
"stating the a daemon" --- that a daemon(?)

Page 388 - paragraph 3
"Developers make break up functionality to threads" ---- may(?)

Page 310 - table 10-28
Not sure about the listed Swift mangling character codes.
_T - Some swift object(maybe semantics on my part)
F - Function
C - Function of a class

Page 222 - paragraph 1
"Coalitions enable process to be grouped together" - processes
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Re: MOXiI - Vol. 1 Typos

Postby bubbles » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:14 pm

Hello, got some typos for V1(1.0.5).

Disclaimer: I made note of a fair amount of very minor and not-so-important things. Figured I might as well take note of everything regardless, and then leave it to you to decide what you deem worthy of a fix. I won't be offended if you ignore any of them.

Also my correction-notes don't necessarily follow a given style, but hopefully they're easily parseable. Also might have some typos (sorry) -- transcribed via phone.

I tried to include full strings for searchability, and page numbers when applicable. Started writing chapter numbers and subheadings, but then that kind of stopped happening. Corrections inserted directly into the string with '[]' when it seemed appropriate.

Contents at a glance
* fundementals -> fundamentals
* Chapter 15 overview missing period at the end of paragraph

* Your twitter no longer exists (at this point in time)

Chapter 3: promenade, pg 63
* "command line argumnet"

Chapter 4: pg 105
* "[A] good example of bulk update..."

Chapter 7
* Period missing at the end of "and control is transferred to dyld::__main()" pg 184
* "The initializer functions end up in [an] array of function pointers," pg 186

Chapter 8
* Page 232, floating period after "specific data address." (very bottom of page)

Chapter 9
* pg 254, header: On the same page missing the corresponding explanation for the first '*' -- ie, '(the so called Intel "huge pages")*'
Then the second '*' on that page should probably be a '**'

* pg 254, Missing closing paren with "(commonly referred to as swapping the memory[)]"

* pg 257, subheading Memory management API's -- In the (!) section, "(in addition to the very formidable code signing mechanism, discussed in II/5" -> Should probably be III/5.

* pg 257, missing period at the end of first '*' explanation at the bottom of the page

* pg 263, magazines subheading -- "(which, if you recall, are contiguous reservations of memory, shown in Table 9-7[)]"

* pg 265, missing closing paren in figure 9-13 description

* pg 266, missing base '*' ref, also "creates a memorypressure dispatch source" - memorypressure should probably be fonted differently?

* pg 306, bottom of page after [10], the following text is superscripted (probably not intentional)

Chapter 11
* pg 313, in the '!' bubble: '" just works"' (extra space before just)

* pg 314, in the lightbulb box: "It [is] also tempting". Also period missing at the end of the last sentence in this box.

* pg 316 & 318, the (logical_step) stuff after each 1...4 -- some have periods after them, some don't (continuity)

* pg 318, period missing at the end of #5

* pg 317 & 319 & 321 visuals/graphics -- periods in the boxes lacking continuity as well (some have them, some don't)

* bidirectional vs bi-directional continuity in this chapter

* pg 320, scenario III, #2: " The bootstrap server iterates over the list of well known names, and creates a RECEIVE right to each." -- A little awkward with the 'to each'.

* pg 323, I found this page to have some weird wording throughout, may merit a fresh pass

* pg 327, "Since the port[']s"

* pg 330, "... who can simply undefine the macros (or remove them[)]."

* pg 334, punctuation missing after 2 of the bullets under #3. (continuity)

* pg 341, missing space for "UIKit (1100000,4)"

* pg 342, #5 "using" -> use

* pg 360, "but of no less value these routines['] ability to..."

* pg 364, missing closing paren in first review question

* pg 366, under subheading 'what's new': "... Whereas traditionally multiple instanced of launchd existed..." instanced -> instances

* pg 367, "In OSX and IOS, launchd...": launchd isn't courier'd

* pg 375 (top), missing another courier-fonting for launchd

* pg 375, "The system expects to find launch daemons in :" (extra space before colon)

* pg 388, "... one errant thread can still bring down the entire proces[s]."

* pg 389, Unnecessary captilization after semicolon--"... in the various daemons; These ..."

* pg 389, "Although the process of maintain[in]g a process..."

* pg 389, Extra space before colon somewhere on the page

* pg 393, "XPC objects have more to them than data; As ..." -- Unnecessary capitalization after semicolon

* General note in chapter 13 / here and there elsewhere in the book, I think you accidentally refer to macOS as OS X in a number of places

* pg 401, "Because such a large number of Apple's frameworks - both public and private - had been ..." -- had been -> have been

* pg 404, "... in /... .xpc.roleaccountd.staging . It is then started from lauchd using the ..." -- Space before period after 'staging', and lauchd->launchd

* pg 427, "whereever" -> wherever

* pg 428, "Accesing" -> Accessing

* pg 428, No closing paren for "(returning the CPU identity string..."

* Missing period at the end of page on post scriptum.

Anywho, thanks for writing these books, really appreciate the work that goes into them! Very thorough, digestible, and fun to read (also greatly appreciate the exercises). Looking forward to volume 2. (Got through volume 3 first, but didn't take note of the typos I encountered, sadly -- Will do when I get around to giving it a 2nd pass sometime in the future)

Let me know if anything is less-than-clear. :)
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Re: MOXiI - Vol. 1 Typos

Postby morpheus » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:31 am

Everything is great, thank you. All corrected (well, except the figures. that's too complicated for the moment) in v1.0.6, and you made the! Thank you so much!
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