MOXiI 2 - State of the trilogy (Dec 2018)

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Re: MOXiI 2 - State of the trilogy (Dec 2018)

Postby forums » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:26 pm

No rush! I was thinking it would be 3 months from finish for the printer to do it. Take your time, and more importantly, thank you for your work!

morpheus wrote:To update:

- Manuscript is nearing completion at this time (Feb 23rd). Some work remains, but the main parts are over. I'm hoping all it takes is a couple more weeks.

- When I do finish, if I can get it reviewed fast enough, printing it is another week.

- Yes, I know this is past schedule. Sorry. When you see the level of detail I hope you'll also see why it took so darn long (and agree it was worth the wait).


P.S -

Re: Volume III - the last thing I have time for now Is another update for another JB. voucher_swap is really yet-another-UaF, and the methods of post exploitation are basically the same (QiLin works just the same). Plus, Vol III is almost 540 pages...
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Re: MOXiI 2 - State of the trilogy (Dec 2018)

Postby nirmitpatel » Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:56 am

That's great
Thanks for sharing this great post :)
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