This is xnu-8019. See this file in:
//  Errors.h
//  CoreEntitlements

#pragma once

#ifndef _CE_INDIRECT
#error "Please include <CoreEntitlements/CoreEntitlements.h> instead of this file"

 * @typedef CEError_t
 * A shared error type that is returned by CoreEntitlements APIs
typedef const struct CEError * CEError_t;

// Macro to define the error for export;
#define CE_DEF_ERROR(name) extern CEError_t name;

// Returned on successful invocation

// Returned when the library encounters API misuse

// Returned when an invalid argument has been passed in

// Returned when we expected to have allocated data, but we couldn't

// Returned when the passed in entitlements do not conform to any supported format

// Returned when a group of queries does not generate a valid result on the current CEQueryContext

 * @function CEGetErrorString
 * Returns a string that describes the error
const char* CEGetErrorString(CEError_t error);