This is xnu-8019. See this file in:
# Mach Operating System
# Copyright (c) 1986 Carnegie-Mellon University
# All rights reserved.  The CMU software License Agreement specifies
# the terms and conditions for use and redistribution.

export MakeInc_cmd=${SRCROOT}/makedefs/MakeInc.cmd
export MakeInc_def=${SRCROOT}/makedefs/MakeInc.def
export MakeInc_rule=${SRCROOT}/makedefs/MakeInc.rule
export MakeInc_dir=${SRCROOT}/makedefs/MakeInc.dir

include $(MakeInc_cmd)
include $(MakeInc_def)

CFLAGS+= -include meta_features.h -DLIBSA_KERNEL_PRIVATE
SFLAGS+= -include meta_features.h

# Directories for mig generated files

#  Make sure we don't remove this by accident if interrupted at the wrong
#  time.
.PRECIOUS: Makefile

#  Theses macros are filled in by the config program depending on the
#  current configuration.  The MACHDEP macro is replaced by the
#  contents of the machine dependent makefile template and the others
#  are replaced by the corresponding symbol definitions for the
#  configuration.







# Rebuild if per-file overrides change
${OBJS}: $(firstword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))

# Rebuild if global compile flags change


$(COMPONENT).filelist: $(OBJS)
	$(_v)for kld_file in ${KLD_FILES}; do      \
		$(SEG_HACK) -s __TEXT -n __KLD -o $${kld_file}__ $${kld_file} || exit 1; \
		mv $${kld_file}__ $${kld_file} || exit 1; \
		$(SEG_HACK) -i __KLD -n __KLDDATA -o $${kld_file}__ $${kld_file} || exit 1; \
		mv $${kld_file}__ $${kld_file} || exit 1; \
	$(_v)for obj in ${OBJS}; do	\
	done > $(COMPONENT).filelist

$(COMPONENT).libfilelist: $(LIBOBJS)
	$(_v)for obj in ${LIBOBJS}; do	\
	done > $(COMPONENT).libfilelist

ifeq ($(RC_ProjectName),xnu_libraries)
do_all: $(COMPONENT).libfilelist
do_all: $(COMPONENT).filelist

do_build_all:: do_all


include $(MakeInc_rule)
include $(MakeInc_dir)

# the KLD segment is mapped read-only on arm, so if we include llvm profiling
# here it will segfault the kernel.  (see arm_vm_init.c) We don't currently have
# a way of retrieving these counters from KLD anyway, so there's no harm in just
# disabling them.
CXXFLAGS_GEN:=$(filter-out -fprofile-instr-generate,$(CXXFLAGS_GEN))
CFLAGS_GEN:=$(filter-out -fprofile-instr-generate,$(CFLAGS_GEN))