*OS Internals::Volume I - User Mode

Table of Contents

(some parts still moving around, but as far as coverage goes, this is pretty complete)

  1. About This Book
  2. Darwinism: The Evolution of *OS
  3. E Pluribus Unum: Architecture of *OS
  4. Promenade: A tour of the *OS Files & Frameworks
  5. Automatic for the People: Application and System Services
  6. Mach-O-nations: The Mach-O File format
  7. In the darkness, bind them: dyld internals
  8. Parts of the Process: Processes, Threads and the Grand Central Dispatcher
  9. In Memoriam: Process Memory Management
  10. CFRun - RunLoopRun: The Runtime Environments
  11. The Medium is the Message: Mach IPC
  12. Ex Mach-ina: Mach Primitives
  13. eXPliCation: XPC internals
  14. The Alpha & Omega - Launchd
  15. Follow Me: Process Tracing and Debugging

  16. GUI, hardware, networking, connectivity, filesystems (HFS+, APFS) and kernel - are covered in Volume II