LiberIOS - Now liberating pretty much every *OS 11.x.y device, for x < 2

Haven't built a full page for this, but really - it is SO easy to use. Just click the button.

0. Before you get started:

MAKE SURE TO GET ONLY THE IPA AT THIS LINK! T hough various "YaluJailbreak" websites, "JailbreakTV" and other middle men will surely try to mirror this - DO NOT USE MIRRORS. It is fine if they want to link to here, but this link here is the only official link.

Me, I don't care where you download from , but

  • Mirrors are bound to become obsolete as I still have to maintain this release from time to time
  • Mirrors may have unexpected bonuses - in the form of Malware. You have been WARNED.
  • This jailbreak was free, is free, and will remain free. DO NOT PAY ANYONE ANY MONEY FOR IT


IF YOUR TvOS Version is NOT 11.0 or 11.1 - sorry.
If you're on 10.x, there's hope yet - I may backport at some point.
If you're on 11.2 - I can't help you at the moment.

1-5: See LiberTV page..

And yes, Code injection works, but CYDIA WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED. EVER. So please don't ask.

  • Get this: Version 11.0.3 (with fixes for odd use cases I never run into.. most notably FAT self-signed. Should be diamond solid)
  • If you're in HITB-AMS, you want 11.0.4, not 11.0.3. Link is obvious.

  • Version 11.0.1 (original, left here in case later updates somehow have bugs, just in case:
    • Now with a proper GUI thanks to the talented @horatiohno
    • Supports all i-Devices, thanks to ARX8x
    • Also even more stable due to proper cleanup in one special case. Shouldn't crash on you, but let me know if it does.
    • AMFId can be killed, be reborn, but will be just as debilitated :-)
    • Arbitrary Dylib loading works. NO, CYDIA SUBSTRATE WON'T. Not my problem - @Saurik owns this one

    root@Qilin (/NewOSXBook/liberios) #openssl md5 LiberiOS11.0.3.ipa                                                                                                            11:51
    MD5(LiberiOS11.0.3.ipa)= 4a1d96e334de9ebe93e6162d197eabf6
    root@Qilin (/NewOSXBook/liberios) #openssl sha1 LiberiOS11.0.3.ipa                                                                                                           11:52
    SHA1(LiberiOS11.0.3.ipa)= 00ac6a2c8a65c1b6040c94810840681a1eea063a
    SHA1(LiberiOS11.0.1.ipa)= 4034c8729860acf75b2406e94be7b1b34173f41c
    MD5(LiberiOS11.0.1.ipa)= 44f74413c486efb351fbfc56d0bff9ba
    root@Qilin (/NewOSXBook/liberios) #md5sum LiberiOS11.0.4.ipa                                                  12:32
    d6a22c42a4e722e0446da0b014a15ea4  LiberiOS11.0.4.ipa
    root@Qilin (/NewOSXBook/liberios) #openssl sha1 LiberiOS11.0.4.ipa                                            12:32
    SHA1(LiberiOS11.0.4.ipa)= 53531d43c3704dbd332b99b91605025f9d06b39c

* - No daemons were injected or harmed during the creation of this jailbreak. Though amfid was debilitated :-)