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/* Copyright (c) (2010,2015,2017,2018,2019) Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
 * corecrypto is licensed under Apple Inc.’s Internal Use License Agreement (which
 * is contained in the License.txt file distributed with corecrypto) and only to 
 * people who accept that license. IMPORTANT:  Any license rights granted to you by 
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#include <corecrypto/ccdigest.h>

#define CCMD4_BLOCK_SIZE   64
#define CCMD4_OUTPUT_SIZE  16
#define CCMD4_STATE_SIZE   16

extern const struct ccdigest_info ccmd4_ltc_di;

/* default is libtomcrypt */
#define ccmd4_di ccmd4_ltc_di

#endif /* _CORECRYPTO_CCMD4_H_ */