OTA: Episode VII : The OTA awakens

Two simple enhancements: -v and -S, to make searching really effective

Jonathan Levin, (@Morpheus______), http://newosxbook.com/ - 12/01/2018


Using the search functionality more than ever on iOS 12 and HomePod OTAs (for which there are no IPSWs) made me realize I can extend search functionality greatly with a few more lines of code:

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Updated ota.c (compiles cleanly on Linux, MacOS)


  • All yours. A nice greet would be nice if you end up github'ing it like some people do. Plagiarism is low.
  • P.S.

  • Yes, I cover the (very basic) file format in the upcoming MOXiI 2nd Ed (Volume II, though, so you'll have to wait a bit).
  • And I also talk about this stuff in The Tg Training - the next one in April 30th right in the heart of Manhattan :)