MOXiI is now self-published, which enables me to keep the book continuously updated! Unlike a traditional print book, with which you have to wait for a new edition, I can update the original HTML file, reprint to PDF, and submit another batch to print! This will obviously not help copies already printed at that point, but any future copies going to print will automatically be as up-to-date as possible. This means that whenever one chooses to buy the book, he or she is guaranteed the latest and greatest edition. Think of it as you would of software - wherein new versions come out every so often.

Over time, this will inevitably open up quite a gap between any past-printed versions and the latest ones. Beginning with v1.0.1, I started this changelog to help people track "What's New". If you bought an older copy and, at some point, wish to re-purchase the latest version of the book, please drop me a note and inform me you already have a previous version. I would be happy cut you a $15/0.05BTC discount when you get a new copy. Note that you have to use BTC or Paypal for that - I can't do that via Amazon, sorry. (And, hey - when's the last time a publisher offered you such a discount on upgrade?)

The MOXiI Volume III Change Log
  • Initial version, sent to mass production for very first time :-)
  • 11/04/20161.0.1
  • TONS of typo fixes, thanks to Eddie Cornejo!
  • Rounded edges on outputs/listings.
  • Post Scriptum.
  • 11/16/20161.1
  • Pangu 9.3.3 chapter (#21) added
  • 01/10/20171.2
  • Pegasus/Trident chapter (#22) added
  • Mach_portal (Ian Beer's awesome 10.1.1 chain) chapter (#23) added (thanks, Ian!)
  • Yalu+mach_portal (Luca's KPP bypass) chapter (#24) added
  • Miscellaneous typo fixes by @timacfr - Thank you!
  • 02/04/20171.3g
  • Added Yalu 10.2 and CVE-2017-2370 exploit detail to chapter #24
  • A few typos in the appendix fixed (Thanks, jimmers!)
  • Added Glossary
  • 03/21/20171.3.1
  • MACF coverage of priv_check changes from 2782 through 3789
  • Added LiberTV mention, naturally :-)
  • Just a few more typos..
  • 08/07/20171.4
  • Coverage of Phœnix Jailbreak - as Chapter 22½, so as to not disrupt existing chapter numbering
  • Minor additions:
    • Updates to sandbox (new operations: dynamic-code-generation, fs-rename, fs-snapshot-revert, ipc-posix-sem*, managed-preference-read, socket-ioctl)
    • Code signature v20400 and use of detached in iOS 11
    • new CSR_ALLOW_* constants (256, 512) for SIP
  • 09/26/2017
    One year later :-)
  • What are hopefully the LAST $#$#% typo corrections (Thanks, Ian!).
  • amfid's role in kext verification (MacOS 13)
  • The new SystemPolicy.framework
  • Figure 5-4 updated for Code Signature 0x20400 (iOS11) (see below)
  • Figure 5-22 (Apple MIB hierarchy) slightly updated
  • Fix table 6-17 which somehow remained with missing cells all this time
  • sandboxd (MacOS) new MIG messages in MacOS 13
  • A little more on datavault SIP (MacOS 13)
  • Detail on KTRR (KPP-successor in iPhone 7 and onwards) thanks to XNU 4570 sources
  • Not yet1.4.3
  • Added slot -6 to code signing special slot, note on DMG signing
  • A few more typos I could have sworn I eradicated yet @DubiousMind caught
  • Sandbox_ms (mac_syscall) changes in 570 and 765:
    • vtrace (0x13)
    • check_bulk (0x15)
    • reference_retain_by_audit_token (0x1c)
    • reference_release (0x1d)
    • rootless_allows_task_for_pid (0x1e)
    • rootless_whitelist_push(0x1f)
    • rootless_preflight (0x20)
    • rootless_protected_volume (0x21)
    • rootless_mkdir_protected and datavault conversions(0x22)
    (AAPL: if you're reading this, try to not renumber in the future, it messes up my tables)

  • At this point (9/26/2017), Volume III is fully up to date with iOS 10.2 11.0 and MacOS 10.12.2 .13 - and covers every single jailbreak as of Evasi0n to 10.2 (Yalu) and Phœnix (9.3.5 JB). Unless the iOS 11 JB is made public, this is a great time to get the book

    Volume I is also available!




  • Q: and how can we early buyer get these updated contents?
    A: see per above. With the Pangu Chapter, I made that public, but I can't do that for every chapter. Again, I MUST apologize for not being able to concoct some "update" scheme wherein I nickel and dime for so and so extra pages. But I can't do that because (A) it would be nickel and diming and (B) I can't track already 500 copies in first month or so. Before you get riled by this, pause for a sec and realize that you wouldn't expect that from any "traditional" print book, which grows obsolete as soon as it sees print.
  • Q: wen eta Trident/Pegasus: v1.2. and it's out
  • Q: what about the other volumes: Working on them. Volume I is next (soon, I hope). Then Volume II. It's just relatively easy to update an existing volume and keep it up-to-date.
  • Q: why does the book not have an index? Because doing one over HTML by hand is Sisyphean and certainly beyond my feeble capabilities. I did add a glossary in v1.3, though.
  • Q: wen volume I? 10/24/17. It was coming out to be more work than I thought (D'uh), but also a lot better than I had expected! Never before seen details of GCD, XPC, Mach-O internals, the shared library cache, and launchd in the nude!

  • * - (of course I said that after 10.1.1, but - hey - at least I'm trying to keep up with this manic pace of jailbreaking!)