MacOS and *OS Internals - Welcome!
  • Volume I - User Mode - Available, v1.2 - See detailed ToC
  • Volume II - Later this year (after MacOS 14/iOS12) - It takes time to write these books.
  • Volume III - Security & Insecurity is available, v1.6

  • Whenever you buy, you are guaranteed the latest updated copy to that point. View the ChangeLog

    • If you get either book on Amazon, please do so by following the link on this page? (to the left)
      Amazon will pay me back a small portion of their crazy hefty fees if you do. Thank you!

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  • direct (preferred): Email ApplePay @ this domain for Apple Pay details.
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  • 0.07 BTC to 1CAkXz8wzEHSVMEhSZFWJWRLvWhvYpjYPv gets you both books! Rounding up to 0.1 BTC will get you a preorder for Volume II, as well!) (If you take me up on this, please email me before you do, and yes, I know it's more expensive. But BTC fluctuates like crazy and I can't always match - With BTC tanking nowadays, it's a great deal (which I will rescind if BTC crosses $3k downwards) )
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