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  • Direct (preferred): $75/book to moxiiblah@this_domain

  • Amazon (Domestic US only)

  • Int'l orders welcome, but HAVE to be over PYPL, $125/book

  • 0.08 BTC to 1CAkXz8wzEHSVMEhSZFWJWRLvWhvYpjYPv gets you all three books, with shipping. (If you take me up on this, please email me before you do, and yes, I know it's more expensive. BTC fluctuates like crazy & I can't always match)
  • SEPTEMBER 2020: After more than four years, the trilogy is complete and all books are in their final updates. I've officially quit Darwin, but the books are and will always be availble for purchase, and (I hope) will be (relatively) future proof.

  • Volume I - User Mode - v1. - ToC
  • Volume II - Kernel Mode - v1.0.2
  • Volume III - Security & Insecurity is v1.6.6

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    • The books are back on AMZN, and if you do get them there please use the links to the left. However, it is much cheaper to get the books directly.
  • Check out the new XNU Cross Reference I set up recently!

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